Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Well, unfortunately I have not had much time to update since I have now more than doubled my workload. I love everyone and hope to post some cool stuff soon. Peace!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Thanks to everyone for donating to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and helping to find a cure for cancer. Other than the 40 degree temperatures, and it raining sideways throughout the ride, Chris and I had a great time. -J.Ko

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spinosa Wedding 2007

Rost, J.Ko, Shawna & Anna at the reception afterward. Thank you for the time Mike & Yvette!

The Spinosa Family Wedding September 2007

Congrats you two, the Kovac's love you both and wish you the best... oh yeah, the party was fun too (I think)!

Nate & Carrie

We had fun guys, hope to see you soon!

Love you guys!

Rost, Brother & I.

Spinosa Wedding 2007

Rosts', Woolsey & Carrie


Woolsey, Nate & I at Graineys after speed- quarters.

The Boys!

Woolsey, Rost, Spinosa, J.Ko & Brotha. The only thing we were missing was a keg in Rocky Canyon... and our hair!


See ya soon, love you guys! -Kovac's

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

BSU vs. UW

Shawna and I at Husky stadium in Seattle. Unfortunately Boise States winning streak came to an end with a 24-10 loss to the Huskies, but we had a great time anyway.


Congratulations Dwane & Chris and thank you for the wonderful time! Shawna and I love you both and had an exceptional time. Can't wait for the winter time in Tamarack and Tahoe with you guys this year.

Shawna and I in Tahoe

At the end of the pier at Chambers Landing. After the wedding ceremony everyone sipped cocktails before the five course dinner.

Dwane's Line

Here are the three other studs that witnessed Dwane's wedding in Tahoe. Johnathon, Ben & Tom. Check out the scenery in the background!

My Boyz!

Vaughn, Dwane & I before the wedding.


Thank you everyone from the lift for all your hard work and dedication, without you the lift would not be what it is today! Labor Day weekend at the Kovac cabin, Cascade, Idaho 2007.

Lifty Ladies

Shawna, Stephanie, Ang & Danny representin' their Lift shirts at the cabin. Labor Day 2007.

This is a picture of health!

How many beers does it take for this to happen? (Pete, Chris, Meadows & Casey) Lift party 2007!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sun Valley 2007

Here are some pics of this last ski season, this one is of Shawna and I at Mt. Baldy around March-ish? I am trying to keep the blog up to date and will publish more as I find time (and when I get more pictures). We love you all and hope all is well. -J.Ko

Chris & I - Winter 2007

One of many days riding the lift at Bogus Basin, I'm sure that we both probably cut out a little early that day! We are both appreciative to have cool bosses. -J.Ko

Avery - Winter 2007

Rule #1 when on the mountain (no matter how old you are)... carry your own skis!

Caufield and I!

My buddy Ryan and I at Bogus Basin Ski Resort, March 2007.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Shit Weasel Crew

Congrats Shawna and the posse on kicking some ass at the Robie Creek half marathon, the toughest half in the northwest!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Our son

Here is our new boy, his name is Sammy and he is 8 months old and a total weasel! This could quite possibly be the cutest dog ever. -J.Ko

Greetings from Hawaii

Dec 9th, 2006. Shawna and I went to go see Pearl Jam & U2 play at Aloha stadium in Honolulu. I wasn't really a big U2 fan, but after seeing them I believe that everyone should go see U2 if they are playing in your area, what an experience.

Partyin' with the stars!

Anyong know this chick? Shawna and I pre-funked at the Hard Rock in Honolulu and ran into Mira Sorvino before the show.

The Crew

Here is a shot of all of us tailgating before the show. There was debauchery going on here that I still can't believe! Anyone heard of a vodka & breast milk shot? I'll leave it at that... -J.Ko

At the show

Shawna and I are in Aloha stadium here. Behind us is U2's stage, where Pearl Jam opened up also, what an amazing show!